• “I am a PhD student at a Theological Seminary, and use Blitz Latin to help in original language research, particularly material produced during the Reformation, but also with early Church writings.”
  • “My field is Anglo-Saxon language and literature, so medieval Latin vocabulary is rather important for my research. Having tried Blitz Latin just now, I was impressed by its speed too. I often meet students who are trying to learn Latin at a late stage (as I did myself) and I think this would be a terribly useful tool for them.”
  • “I am engaged in a number of translations of 12th century Latin philosophy, and although I have been educated in mediaeval Latin, I would like to give the program a thorough work-out, as it were, and see where it takes me.”Medieval books
  • “I learnt Latin at school a very long time ago. Part of my hobby has led to me starting to translate from Latin into English a science book (never available in English), published in 1667 in which the author describes his experiments showing something nobody else had previously seen or known about – the phenomenon is today recognised as a fundamental result of what we now know as Quantum Mechanics.”
  • “I’m a medieval historian and I think Blitz Latin will be helpful to me when I’m working on a document and not sure what case, etc. a certain word might be in.”
  • “I am writing historical works on medieval Scotland and many of the original documents I use to verify information are only available in their original Latin.”
  • “I have a 16th century poem that I want to translate.”
  • “I work with old astrological, alchemical, and magical texts. Many of the source texts are in Latin.”
  • “We specialize in the sale of original medieval manuscripts – therefore we thought your CD might prove useful in a few of the frustratingly esoteric passages we encounter.”
  • “The program seems to be the only one that could translate rare Latin texts from the 4th century CE.”
  • “My research is concerned with the absorption of seconda prattica techniques in English sacred vocal music during the seventeenth century. Although some of the pieces have English texts, a large proportion of works use Latin. However, my Latin is far from good. So that I can provide my own commentary on these pieces, I need a quick and reliable translation which shows the general meaning of a given text. I find that Blitz Latin does this for me in an extremely quick time.”
  • “I am doing graduate studies, but my Latin skills are minimal. I have several 16th century items to translate and found that the trial version did very well.”


  • “I am translating a book called Horus Sinicis, written in 1735, which is about the Chinese system of hours etc.”
  • “I’m using it for an Advanced New Testament course to translate difficult documents.”Roman Forum
  • “I am currently writing a book about a fictional ancient Roman and I am researching net based Latin Archives for story accuracy and need the product to translate from the original Latin into English. I did download the evaluation copy and found it an excellent tool.”
  • “As Chaplain, I have an ongoing need for Latin translation because I occasionally work from Latin texts of CE scriptures.”
  • “It’s an incredible piece of software. I’m working on my Ph.D. in political theory, primarily working with early modern Latin texts, and Blitz Latin is the best translation aid I’ve come across. The only thing comparable is QuickLatin, but after comparing the two I seemed to prefer Blitz.”
  • “I do not have a Latin background but am taking a course in Roman epitaphs. For my research paper, I am required to translate a number of epitaphs and was not secure that my own translations would be correct enough to use in my research so I was ecstatic when I found your program on the internet! I bought it because I have to do far more than 10 translations and I am guessing that I will run into more Latin as I continue to pursue my degree.”
  • “I am a Greek and Roman Studies major at the University of Calgary. I do not have a Latin background but am taking a course in Roman epitaphs.”



  • “The reason I am purchasing Blitz Latin is that I have a child in high school who is currently taking Latin. This program has been extremely helpful with translation assignments. More helpful than any of the Latin dictionaries you can purchase.”Raphael painting
  • ” …. for my son who is taking Latin in High School and finds it very helpful to get these Latin sentences broken down for him.”
  • “I wanted to purchase a product that would help him (my son) understand not just the meaning of words, but sentence structure and syntax as well.”