Spelling and punctuation


On the internet in 2005 a writer wished to know if anyone could provide a translation of a Latin hymn and a helpful reader provided a translation using Blitz Latin. This proved to be very inaccurate but when the reasons were examined most of the inaccuracies were explainable by poor spelling and almost no punctuation. in the original text ‘venere mue’ was supposed to be ‘veneremus’ (‘s’ and ‘e’ are close on the keyboard.). The words ‘Genetoque’ and ‘antquum’ need to be replaced with ‘Genitoque’ and ‘antiquum’. There was also a problem of bizarre line spacing and the random introduction of capital letters into the text. Capitals are used by Blitz Latin as an indication of proper names. The text lacked any full stops (periods) except at the end. Verses were separated by empty lines.
Therefore what the user should do to improve readibility is to make these changes to the original text:
1. Replace ALL capital letters with lower-case letters, unless they are obviously proper names such as Christus or Amen. Blitz Latin assumes all words beginning with a capital letter are proper names (except the first word of a sentence).
2. Place a full-stop (period) at the end of each verse. Otherwise, place a comma at the end of each line.