Research aids

There are 4 addon programs aimed primarily at researchers:

  1. COUNTER is simply to count the number of words and the number of sentences in a file containing plain text, and to report the average number of words in a sentence (word density) and the standard deviation. If the word density of one text differs ‘significantly’ (in the statistical sense) from that of another, the authors may be different.
  2. INSCRIPT searches Roman inscriptions stored in ‘*.TXT’ files in sub-folders from the Frankfurt University database ( A catalogue of inscription sources is given here.
  3. HTMSTRIP is a program written to strip HTML codes from bulk .HTM or .HTML files stored in one subdirectory, to give the corresponding text files which will be stored in the same sub-directory.
  4. LATINWORDS provides an easy means for users to input their own Latin words into the “Userfile.txt”, which is searched by Blitz Latin.