Download Blitz Latin here

Blitz Latin can be downloaded and licensed by email. We usually get the password to unlock Blitz Latin to you within the working day it is ordered. After you have installed Blitz Latin you will have 10 sessions before it needs activating.

When Windows asks you whether you want to Save the file or Run the file you can choose either. If you Run the file Windows will download it to a temporary folder, install it and delete the installation program. If you Save the file you will need to remember where you saved it and double click on it to install it. After this you will still have the installation program, should you want it, without having to download it again.

You have 10 sessions before Blitz Latin needs buying and activating. To activate it you need to buy a licence from our shop and then send us the PIN number that Blitz Latin gives you when you click on the Help menu and Register. We will then email you the password to permanently unlock the software. With activation you get access to the medieval dictionary and the LSPs (pre-translated Latin Standard Phrases -which can significantly improve translation readability).

Trial download with 10 uses – convertible to licensed system . Click
Blitz Latin version 225_xp  for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP download

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