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World class dictionaries

The main dictionary was created by William A. Whitaker. Blitz Latin uses a modified version of his ‘Words 1.97F’. The basic dictionary comprises over 35,000 Latin stems. It has been enhanced through:

Neo Latin from ‘Calepinus Novus’, courtesy of Guy Licoppe of Belgium. This has added some 2,500 modern Latin stems. Thus the Latin for words such as ‘car’ and ‘aeroplane’ can now be translated.

Ecclesiastical and Vatican Latin words that are not found in general purpose dictionaries. There are 2,000 of these which should be of particular value to those researching Latin documents from the Vatican, a prime repository of thousands of medieval and post-medieval Latin texts.
Medieval books
The medieval dictionary This is separate from the main dictionary and is available to licensed Blitz Latin users. This has been constructed specifically for Blitz Latin and contains some 4,000 of the most common stems found only in medieval Latin.

The dictionary is used by Blitz Latin to provide automatic translation but can also be used as dictionary to look up individual words. It may be searched by stem-name and has advantages over a paper dictionary. For example the letters ‘u’ and ‘v’, and also ‘i’ and ‘j’, are virtually interchangeable in Latin (‘v’ and ‘i’ are easier to carve on inscriptions). All internal processing is carried out on the assumption that ‘v’ and ‘j’ are really ‘u’ and ‘i’ respectively. The user may select either when typing in Latin text; Blitz Latin will make an automatic conversion. More on MEDIEVAL LATIN.

The botanical dictionary This is separate and substantial database of modern Botanical Latin (over 4,000 dedicated new words). The new database is a stand-alone item, supplied as a separate data file, and is available only to those who pay for the licence. It has its own manual.

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